• Jacey

Cozy Lifestyle Boudoir // Kootenay Photographer

When Hayley came to me with this idea for her boudoir shoot I was so excited. Lifestyle boudoir featuring a few of her favourite things: comic books, video games, tea and hanging out in her loungewear!

This was Hayley's second boudoir shoot with me. The first was a more traditional shoot with some more saucy lingerie, but we both agree that it is a brilliant idea to do both!

These are some of my favourite boudoir photos that I have taken, I think mostly because they are completely and utterly her.

Below is a video (feel free to turn the sound off) of a peek at the Hardcover Album (available in my print shop) that Hayley purchased to remember this shoot and time in her life by. It is a perfect keepsake that will last for years to come.

Here is what she said about her shoot:

"I am seriously obsessed with these photos, I feel relaxed just looking at them! It is exactly what I was hoping for and I had so much fun doing this shoot. I think I'll remember it until I'm an old lady! Delightfully nerdy, but sexy and empowered at the same time."